1955 Chevy Step side truck, Owner is Rod Mortensen, Bonsall, CA                                              95 GMC 4x4, Owner is Garry Olson, Canada

                                                                                                                                                  This truck is special as it is the 1st First® Vortec style manifold up and running

                         Owner is Ingo Ekert, Germany                                                                              1934 Ford, Owner is Buz Tappley, Colorado

                    Owner is Art Coons, Johnston, IA                                                                  Air Boat, Owner is John Piccioni, Bountiful Utah

                            Owner is Gary Weber, IL                                                                                        Owner is Jim Capparusso

1973 Chevelle, Owners are Jim and Mike Ringler, Antioch, IL                                      Pontiac GTO, Owner is Bob Payment , Butler, PA                    

1982 Jeep CJ8, Owner is Doug Stacy, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma                                  

1986 C4 Corvette, Owners is Peter Zanki, Rockingham Western Australia                                       1987 Trans Am, First® R&D vehicle

                Jeep, Owner is Randy Rubin, Roseburg, Oregon                                                           1955 Chevy, Owner is Joe Wilson, IL

            1973 Jeep, Owner is Chris Elliott, La Habra, CA                                                 1980 Camaro, Owner is Steve Gensel, Virginia Beach, VA

Owner is Andrew Avila. Wilmington, CA

     1987 Cutlass, Owner is Mike Pagano, Valley Stream New York                                             1988 Iroc Z Camaro, Owner is Kyle Booker

                        Jeep, Owner is Pat Swearingen, Cocoa, FL                                                      1968 Landcruiser, Owner is Robert Pickett, Indio, CA

         1967 Camaro, Owner is Brent Denton, Moxee, Washington                                      1977 Corvette, Owner is Art Jett, Bridgeport, Texas

         1956 Chevy, Owner si Jim Davis, "J.D." St Charles, IL                                                       1952 Willys, Owner is Ed Snell, California                         

Owner is Colin , UK                                                                                                                          Corvette, Owner is Ray Scott, PA

   1994 Chevrolet Caprice Classic, Owner is Greg Gaines, Oxford Alabama                                    1986 Corvette, Owner is John Young

                         1948 Chevy, Owner is Merle Balke                                                                Jeep CJ7, Owner is Bill Anderson, Vista, CA

                  1979 Corvette, Owner is Tim Sullivan, San Ramon, CA                                                     1977 Corvette 

                      1984 GMC Truck, Owner is Ryan Mesa, Arizona                                               Corvette, Owner is Ed Dolanski, Dallas, Texas

                                 1989 Corvette, Owner is Mike Heslin                                                                          Corvette, Owner is Henkka, Finland

              1964 Corvette, Owner is Larry Broden, Littleton, CO                                                1968 Chevelle, Owner is Jack Jenkins, Waco, Texas

1932 Ford Owner is Mike Roberts, Kentucky                                                                                                Owner is Johan from Sweden

       1987 Camaro, Owner is Harold Bennett, Whitney, Texas                                     1987 Corvette, Owner is AlAn Ritchie, Drayton Valley, Alberta, canada

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